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Choosing the Best Organic Dog Food Brands – What to look for.

Switch your dog to any of these Best Organic Dog Food Brands for a drastic improvement in your pet's health and an increase in their lifespan.

Certified Organic goods are monitored and reviewed by a third party organization, that is separate from the dog food industry standards. This alone gives this specialized food a higher quality rating.

Organic meat certification in the United States authenticates that the farm animals are fed certified organic food and that it contains no animal byproducts. Further, organic farm animals can receive no growth hormones or antibiotics, and they must be raised using techniques that protect native species and other natural resources. Irradiation, and genetic engineering are not allowed with organic animal production. One of the major differences in organic animal husbandry protocol is the pasture rule. Organic farmers allow the animals as much time on pasture as is possible and reasonable.

Look for locally grown food in the manufacturing processes.

Statements such as: produced without the use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, are not irradiated and do not contain chemical additives or preservatives along with no chemicals, colors or dyes. This is an indication of a manufacturer that is responsible and really does put your pet’s health and nutrition first.

Certification is only given to those companies that achieve the standards as stated above. The certification is given by a third party agency that is regulated to do so.

Best Organic Dog Food Brands


PRIMAL PET FOODS (Human Grade, Organic, Grain Free, Raw)

 best organic dog food brands

Primal Pet Foods Canine formulas are developed to directly mimic the diet of canines in the wild.

All Primal Canine Formulas are scientifically balanced to ensure that each pound of food offers the proper ratio of muscle meats, meaty bones and calcium rich organic ingredients, organ meats and finely ground raw fruits and vegetables.

100% Human Grade Ingredients
Antibiotic & Hormone Free Meats & Poultry for superior levels of amino and essential fatty acids.
Finely ground, fresh bones for optimum levels of calcium.
Organic Fruits & Vegetables for food-derived vitamins A, B-complex, C and D.
Organic & Unrefined Supplements for digestion and circulation
Vitamin E as an antioxidant.
All Natural Vegetarian Fed Protein Sources
Organic coconut oil for linolenic fatty acids.

In addition, Primal Pet Foods Canine Formulas offer a well balanced combination of nutritional supplements to enhance digestion and circulation as well as provide optimum levels of calcium, phosphorous and Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.

Any dog food company willing to use organic to promote a healthier environment and healthier pet is worth trying.

PRIMAL PET FOODS @ AMAZON.COMbest organic dog food



best organic dog food brands

Dr Harveys Canine Health contains the wholesome goodness of 6 certified organic grains, 9 vegetables and 14 herbs.

It makes sure that your  pet will enjoy a nutrition rich organic meal without compromising on taste.

I use the pre-mix regularly.  It is a simple homemade organic dog food diet.  I add my own organic protien , (the same meat I buy for my family).  My husband is a hunter and I also use wild game meat which is the healthiest and most natural of all protein.


  • No preservatives, dyes, or any artificial or synthetic ingredients
  • Perfect for pets with sensitive stomach and digestion problems
  • Balanced protein diet
  • 100% organic, human grade Ingredients
  • Makes homemade food for your pet easy and balanced
  • Can be made with Raw or Cooked Fresh Protein
  • Helps manage Allergies and weight of your pet


PETGUARD NEXT TO NATURE LIFEPATH (95% Certified Organic Kibble or Canned)

best organic dog food brands

PetGuard (for all life stages) is formulated with wholesome, hormone-free organic chicken raised in an eco-sensitive environment.

It is blended with organic grains and a medley of naturally-nurtured organic vegetables, including crisp, nutritious organic carrots, fresh-picked organic sweet peas, tender green leaf organic spinach and naturally delicious organic potatoes.

There are several levels of organic certification.

PetGuard Organic LifePath is certified USDA Organic and contains more than 95% organic ingredients.

This food is made FREE of by-products, corn and wheat.

WHERE TO BY PetGuard Next to Nature:



STELLA AND CHEWY'S (Organic, Raw Freeze Dried)

 best organic dog food

100% complete and balanced nutrition that feature raw, USDA-inspected, naturally-raised poultry and meat, organic fruits and vegetables, comes in Raw Freeze Dried or Raw Frozen.

Available in Beef, Duck, Chicken, Lamb, Surf and Turf.

When you check the list of ingredients in Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Dinners, you'll see it reads like a who's who of wholesome, healthy stuff.

Like raw, naturally-raised meat, poultry or fish, sourced from USDA-inspected facilities.

Organic fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, carrots, apples, spinach, broccoli and beets.

Healthful, direct-fed microorganisms (probiotics), natural tocopherols, chelated trace minerals and taurine.

Plus essential vitamins and minerals.

Every ingredient is sourced from reputable suppliers.

NO grain, NO fillers, NO artificial preservatives, NO colorings, NO added hormones, NO antibiotics AND NO sugar or salt!

Stella & Chewy's  @ AMAZON.COM



 best organic dog food

Available in 8 ounce patties and 2 lb. chubs, ideal for larger dogs or multiple animals, or 1 ounce medallions, which are good for smaller dogs and cats.

  • High in meat protein: 95% meat, 5% fruits and vegetables
  • Whole foods for proper nutrition
  • Convenient medallions and patties – ready to serve!
  • Less backyard cleanup
  • Complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds
  • No cereal grains or fillers
  • All the meats are free-range, antibiotic – and hormone-free, and USDA inspected. The Organic Chicken formula contains organic chicken.
  • Grain-Free Instinct Frozen Raw Food In, Beef Rabbit, Lamb, Venison, Organic Chicken, and Bison – made from freshly ground USDA meat, organ, and bone sources. Each diet is 95% meat, organs, and bones with a portion of these products from certified organic sources.
  • Grain-Free Instinct Freeze Dried Raw in Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Venison. Each diet is 95% meat, organs, and bones with a portion of these products from certified organic sources.


NEWMAN'S OWN ORGANIC PET FOOD (Organic Kibble and Canned)

 best organic dog food

Newman’s Own pet foods are produced without the use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, are not irradiated and do not contain chemical additives or preservatives.

Their ingredients have been grown and handled according to strict organic standards that are enforced by independent third-party state or private organizations. More than 70% of all ingredients used in the formulation of all Newmans Own foods are organic.

In addition to human grade all-natural chicken and organic brown rice, the ingredients include probiotics, Ester-C, and high levels of antioxidants.


  • NO Poultry by-products –
    Note: By product meals are often derived from 4-D meat sources – defined as food animals that have been rejected for human consumption because they were presented to the meat packing plant as “Dead, Dying, Disabled or Diseased”.
  • NO Chemical fertilizers – Chemical fertilizers have been incriminated in serious health problems in animals and are not allowed in organic-certified products.
  • NO Antibiotics or steroids – Long-term daily administration may result in a compromised immune system, muscle wasting, and destruction of the friendly bacteria living in the intestines that aid the digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients.
  • NO Chemical additives or artificial preservatives – Chemical antioxidants, such as ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA, that were designed to extend the shelf life and reduce fat spoilage (rancidity) of pet foods may cause allergic reactions and affect liver and kidney functions
  • NO Wheat or corn – (ALLERGENS)
  • NO Artificial flavors
  • NO Artificial Colors and Dyes




(Organic kibble)

Glucosamine and Chondroitin in ALL of our formulas
Balanced Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids (Enhanced with DHA)
No by-products and no corn
Naturally preserved
Protected Vitamin C
Natural Anti-Oxidants


  • Organic chicken,
  • organic brown rice,
  • oats,
  • organic barley,
  • organic flaxseed,
  • organic sunflower oil,
  • organic alfalfa,
  • organic peas,
  • organic sunflower seeds,
  • organic pumpkin seeds,
  • organic carrots,
  • and organic broccoli,





Castor & Pollux Organix complies with all USDA National Organic Program requirements.

Organic, free-range chicken is the #1 ingredient.

Also, Organic brown rice and fresh organic fruit and vegetable purées that provide natural sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber

ORGANIX Adult Dog Food also includes:

  • Organic Quinoa- a nutrient-rich heritage grain that provides a gluten-free source of dietary fiber

Organic Flaxseed- rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids that contribute to healthy skin and coat

  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin
  • NO chemical pesticides,
  • NO synthetic fertilizers,
  • NO artificial preservatives,
  • NO added growth hormones
  • AND NO antibiotics.

And, our formula contains:

  • No Meat by-products
  • NO corn,
  • NO wheat,




 best organic dog food
  1. The first extruded dry diet/kibble pet food that is Starch Free (Epigen does what “Grain Free” pet foods only pretend to do)
  2. More closely resembles the food your pet is designed to eat
  3. The Original formula contains an unprecedented 60+% meat and organs and over 60% protein, and the NEW EPIGEN 90 contains 90% meat and organs.
  4. Has the natural flavor and taste
  5. Is replete with all the critical food elements probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, phytonutrients, nutraceuticals, natural form antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  6. Rich in omega-3′s and other essential fatty acids
  7. Made in the USA at Wysong manufacturing facilities with ingredients from USDA and FDA approved domestic sources


  • Organic Chicken: Fresh,
  • Chicken Meal ( precooked and dried to enable higher levels of meat),
  • Chicken Giblets (hearts, livers, gizzards) ,
  • Vegetable Protein ,
  • Chicken Fat,
  • Eggs,
  • Yogurt,
  • Flax Seed,
  • Apple,
  • AND Beet Pulp, Plums, Inulin, Dried Wheat Grass Powder and Dried Barley Grass Powder, Krill Oil (A dense and clean source of marine omega-3 fatty acids.), Dried Kelp, Taurine, Oregano Extract, Sage Extract and Rosemary Extract: (These three herbs exert potent antioxidant and preservative effects.) along with vitmins, minerals and supplements.


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